Wilder Wildlife

As it turned out, Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) was a great place to spend a non-hiking, non-walking, non-bicycling week. The loop road never got old — we drove it in one direction, then the other, seeing all over again the same animals we saw the first time — wild horses, like this young, curious colt…


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Out the Window

We’d planned to go to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in southwestern North Dakota all year — and no twice-the-normal-sized ankle was going to stop me from seeing it.


Turns out, this was a great place to see — even out the window of the Jeep (though I really, really, really want to go back when we can hike!).

Our first drive through (the loop road is 36 miles, if memory serves me correctly) not only delivered stunning views…


…but we were floored by the number of animals we saw along the way: Continue reading

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One-Legged Adventure

We’d been enjoying our July in Rapid City, hiking Bear Butte, strolling the city, running up the steps at the Dinosaur Park for extra exercise, taking in the Art Alley….

Then our adventure took a turn.

Coming out of the RV, I somehow lost my footing on the steps and went down hard on my right ankle. Continue reading

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Rapid Review

Last July, after spending some time in Sioux Falls, we crossed the state to spend time in Rapid City. When you spend so much time in unfamiliar places, getting into areas you know your way around is can be a relaxing change of pace.

Plus there’s always more to see that you missed the last time.

Here are a few quick images of our two-plus weeks there… before disaster struck: Continue reading

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Piping Up, Nestling In

Last year we left the Outer Banks of North Carolina to return westward. We spent some time traveling through the Midwest, stopping at Winnebago’s headquarters in Iowa (seems like an annual visit…), then in South Dakota, where we crossed the now-famous Dakota Access Oil Pipeline…


…passed many trucks like this one, toting the pipes for the pipeline to work sites… Continue reading

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Announcing Bob & Ellen’s Best EATS Awards for 2016!

2016besteatsIt’s that eating time of the year again! Time to name the best places we’ve eaten — except for home, which is always better than any restaurant because Bob’s an awesome cook!

The list is getting pretty long, and we don’t always get back to the same places to try things again, so we’re focusing on the BEST EATS in 2016. Sometimes we find restaurants we’ve loved in the past aren’t around anymore (where oh where did Esther go when she left Yuma, taking that awesome carrot cake with her?!?) and sometimes we look forward to eating a particular dish again, only to find out it just isn’t the same… 😦

Let us know if you’ve been to any of these places or add your own BEST EATS to the comments so everyone can check them out! Continue reading

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for RVers

nookgiftIkes! Too late to send something, right? Nope. It’s never too late to send an e-book 🙂 Yep, books that are available for Kindle and Nook can be ordered and delivered immediately — meaning you can send a gift at the very last minute.

giveasagiftDetails are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but usually all you have to do is click “Buy/Give as a Gift” or other similarly-worded option and voila! You’ve sent a thoughtful gift — on time, despite the late hour 🙂

Looking for a way to thank me for saving face with your in-laws or RV buddies? Well… when you’re picking that e-book to send, I hope you’ll consider one of the Rollin RV Mysteries or the Road Tales short story collection.

Just sayin’….

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