OBX in the Spring

Being on the ocean shore of North Carolina during early April meant birds were enjoying the warm weather on the beach as much as we were.

This Whimbrel casually scoured the waves, looking for a tasty morsel…


…while a male Black-Bellied Plover did his best to spot things first:

obxredux4 Continue reading

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Coast to Coast

In late April we left the West Coast for the Midwest, stopping for awhile along American’s “North Coast” (you know, that coast formed by the Great Lakes) in Ohio. But where to go from there?

Why not head for the other coast — the one along the Atlantic? Sounded like a good plan to us!



So on down the Outer Banks we drove, ready to revisit some of the places that inspired “Pea Body” a few years ago… Continue reading

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Local Politics

We never know what we might see as we travel the byways of America. On May 10 we passed a few people on a corner in a small West Virginia town, holding signs:


Another block, and more signs:


Clearly, some passionate supporters of local and state candidates were out on primary day: Continue reading

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Did You See That? Me, Neither.

Early spring found us along Lake Erie in northern Ohio, one of many areas attracting birdwatchers hoping to catch a glimpse of a two-legged flyer they can scratch off their life list. I’m not one of those bird watchers.

But I’d read a flock of birders were near Toledo for the great spring migration, and we decided to see what we could see.


We spotted of a couple of Great Egrets in flight as soon as we arrived, but the warblers were the big attraction here, so we turned our attention to the edge of a small woods where other birders seemed to be focusing their attention.


I learned quickly that this group of birders was eager to share info: “What have you seen?” and “Up in that tree there’s an Orange-Crowned Warbler/Tennessee Warbler/Black-Throated Blue Warbler…”

Of course what I saw looked like this: Continue reading

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Round on Both Ends

Have you heard the riddle we grew up with?

“What’s round on both ends and high in the middle?”*

It was our destination early this spring — specifically near the southern Lake Erie shoreline, which the local marketing folks like to call The North Coast. After Ellen spent about a week visiting her mother we did some birdwatching, catching amazing views during this migratory season, like this Great Blue Heron in flight…


…and another calmly awaiting lunch:


This Red-Winged Blackbird in flight… Continue reading

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More Snow?

After a couple of months of birdwatching, smelling the flowers, and taking care of the maintenance on our RV in the desert Southwest, we were more than ready to hit the road again.

In late April, snow lingered at the higher elevations in Colorado…


…including patches in shady and low-lying areas at about 7000 feet:


Once we cleared the Rockies we were free of the snow. Hopefully we’re done seeing the white stuff for a long time!

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Bloomin Early

The last several posts have described our unexpected adventure into the sub-freezing winter whiteness during a January visit to South Dakota to trade in our Jeep for one we’d ordered (which we’d been assured would be delivered in the spring… but hey… Merry Christmas to us, right?).

You met some of our neighbors in the previous post… but critters of the earth, wind and water weren’t the only things that greeted us when we returned from the great white north to sunny southern California.

Flowers waved their gorgeous petals at us…




…from all around: Continue reading

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