Without Even Leaving the Driveway….

…we’re already having RV adventures! Eventually we’ll post about the “shakedown” trip that was mostly us getting a shakedown by the RV… but we lived to tell the tale — and we will!

To catch some of you up: after two years, and constantly dropping the price until we hit a sweet spot that tasted right to a couple with more kids that we could have imagined calling this house a home, we are shrinking our property from 3000 square feet to less than 400.

What’s that like? Well, go to your closet. Imagine selecting just 10% of what’s there to wear for the rest of your life. IKES! Now do that in your kitchen with all of your pots and pans and silverware and plates… Now go into your pantry…. Think about your DVDs… Books…. Hard to choose, isn’t it?!? It’s a real-life version of the old parlor game, “If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take three books, what would you take?”

Okay, I’m taking more than three. But you get the picture.

And what happens to the rest of the stuff? Craigslist found buyers for much of the furniture. A co-worker snapped up our Native American collection when she saw what a great deal it was. Books went to re-sellers and the local Friends of the Library. Lots and lots of stuff went to Goodwill.

But this isn’t the real subject of the blog. It’s just background. Context. A way for you to really appreciate what happened today. Because it rained today, we didn’t bring the RV from storage to the house for more packing, as we’ve been doing every day this week so far. Instead, we went to a local bookstore where Becky sorted through two boxes to filter out the computer books and texts she doesn’t sell, and offer a store credit for those she can put on her shelves.

She needed time to go through them, so Robert settled in with a travel book and I headed over to the writing section (I love retirement). About 45 minutes later, book credit in hand, I went to see what he’d found to spend our credit on, and he introduced me to a woman he’d been talking with. One of the bajillion reasons I love him is how easily he’s able to befriend strangers, striking up conversations with people in restaurants, stores, on the street — everywhere.

It turns out that he’d given her our story, and she’d offered up her lakeside house as a place for us to stay while in Michigan. She’s an aspiring writer, mother, and she goes to cafes every afternoon to write. Her husband thinks she’s at work, but she dropped her hours down to part-time so she can write.  “You’re cheating with a book!” I said. Can you believe that?

A great story, and we haven’t even left the driveway yet.


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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