… for the delay in posts. Sometimes the Internet isn’t always as reliable on the road as we’d like!

Which means spending time reading, writing, hiking, and bicycling.

What’s up with that!?!??

Watch for updates with more on the Black Hills, where we spent the better part of a month or more (who keeps track of time, anyway?).

In the meantime, a few things we’ve learned about living on the road:

— routines and checklists are good things. Setting up and taking down require lots of steps — miss one and, well, the fall out is not pretty.

— it’s easy to think we need to “do something” every day, like hike or bike, especially when you’re living so close to the Badlands or the Black Hills. Taking a day to buy groceries, stop at the post office, clean the RV or just relax… well, it’s all good!

— we can’t stop everywhere. It’s already August and we’re not to the West Coast yet. The USA is huge, with fabulous places to spend time everywhere, so we’re having to make some hard choices.

It all feels like one long vacation. We were talking with some fellow full-timers who’ve been at it for years. “We keep thinking we’re on vacation,” we said.

“And? So? The problem is?” they answered, smiling.

Good point!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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