North Dakota — Uncovered!

Every time we pull up stakes I tell Bob how much I’m going to miss the place. We’ve been on the road long enough now, and he’s heard me say that so often now that he just grins and reminds me that I always say that. I do, and I always mean it, too.

Our visit to North Dakota was brief but meaningful. It’s really Bob’s story to tell, and I’ll leave that part to him.

Here I’ll just share a few details….

North Dakota is marketing itself as “Legendary” and it probably is, but my impression was — “Wow!” There’s so much more to this state than I would have thought — especially if you look at the details hidden among the gorgeous rolling hills.

First, a snapshot of the bulletin board at JaBR’s Family Restaurant in Bowman, North Dakota. It’s not everyday you see flyers for head horses and cranes posted in the local eatery!








And if that weren’t enough to make a day special, just up the road we passed through Amidon — the smallest county seat in the nation, with a population of 26, serving Slope County, population 767! You can see the entire stretch of town in this photo!Amidon







Finally, in a stroke of marketing genius, or maybe as a sign of how long the North Dakota winters can be and how one’s imagination can motivate someone to do something completely zany and impressive at the same time, we spotted this enormous metal sculpture along the highway.


“Geese in Flight” is one of a series of metal sculptures by Gary Greff that await travellers who venture down the Enchanted Highway off of Interstate 94. What’s genius about this is that there’s not much along this stretch of road, and though there’s beauty in every field and pasture, this work of art, visible for miles, does a great job of luring people down the Enchanted Highway to the gift store and restaurant. Art? Advertising? Both? You decide! Oh — and here’s the Web site if you’d like to learn more about this sculpture, its creator, other works along the road, and the Enchanted Highway: (Did I mention what a great example of marketing this is!??!)

We were content to take in the beauty of the clouds and fields, uncovering the true nature of this often overlooked and underappreciated state!


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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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