The World’s Longest Beach…

…is the 28-mile stretch in Long Beach, Washington. That’s what the sign arching over the short road from town to water says, and we believe it. This sandy beach attracts horseback riders, kite fliers, surfers, and families galore — and cars, trucks, SUVs, and other motorized vehicles in certain stretches.









But what kept us in Long Beach for two weeks wasn’t just the beach, with the roar of the waves reaching through our windows as we slept at night, but the awesome bicycle and walking trail that wound along the dunes for more about 13 miles. The Discovery Trail gave us curves and hills, great views of the ocean, and salty breezes just when we thought we were getting tired. And when we were ready for a break, we parked our bikes next to one of the many benches along the trail to relax, sip water, watch the kites and birds fly.







While the bike trail fed our bodies and minds and spirits, fresh oysters from Wallapa Bay fed our bellies! We found our favorites at the Oysterville Sea Farms in Oysterville, right on the water.









When Bob cooked them up they tasted better than anything we could find at any restaurant, so we bought them by the quart, ate our fill, and fit as many as we could into our tiny freezer.

The area is also famous for their cranberries, and we made sure to visit the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation’s Demonstration Cranberry Farm. With an indoor museum and gift shop, and an outdoor interpretive tour of a cranberry farm, we learned the difference between dry harvesting and wet harvesting. Contrary to popular belief, cranberries are not grown in water, and do not grow on bushes (they’re on vines).









The gift shop held an array of cranberry items — no surprise there — but what we didn’t expect to find was fabulous “Cougar Gold” cheese, made at the university. The woman in the shop warned us not to make macaroni and cheese with it: “I made the mistake of making it for my family, and now they won’t ead mac and cheese with any other cheese.” We love good cheese, and couldn’t resist the temptation, so Bob made his special macaroni and cheese with it and ooohhhhh! Is it good!! Of course, when you know your supply is limited, it’s easy to take such risks. The tin we bought will last us few at least one more batch of mac and cheese, and we’ll enjoy every bite!

LongBeach_CranberryShop   LongBeach_CranberryFarm

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