Algae, Poison Ivy, Berry Picking, Privacy

Bear with me while I get to the point here….

Back when we were vacationing, we travelled to New Mexico, Nova Scotia, Maine, Montana, and points in-between, keeping our eyes open for a place where we’d buy a piece of land and retire someday. We peered in windows of a vacant house on Brier Island in Nova Scotia, and even had a real estate agent show us property in New Mexico.

We loved every place we visited, but could only afford one. How to choose?

So why choose at all? Why not take our house to those places instead? That way, we wouldn’t have to wonder how we’d get through a rough Nova Scotia winter or a hot New Mexico summer — we’d just go to our next home! And that’s when we started looking into the full-time RV lifestyle.

So it’s to be expected that we’re doing about the same thing: at nearly every place we stop, we say, “Wow! This would be a great place to settle down.”

We did just that in Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula. With the Evergreen Coho SKP park in Chimicum as our home base, we spent a month exploring the Olympic National Park, Seattle, and the local area, moving on only when we started wearing jeans more than shorts.

The area has everything: great shopping, unparalleled farmers’ markets, and miles and miles of places to walk along the beach. Oh, and elk.
(More about that later)
Starting close to home, we explored Anderson State Park, just up the road. The lake looks pristine, and until rampant poison ivy turned us back, offered up great hiking around the perimeter. We wondered where, on such a beautiful September afternoon, the fishermen and picnickers were.









Red algae alert! No fishing permitted. Too bad for the fishermen — good for us. We had the lake — the park! — to ourselves. We picked a few berries to munch along the way, and watched an osprey soar overhead.







And this was just the start of our adventures in the Olympic Peninsula!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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