The Rest of the Story

Though we like to spend as much time as we can hiking and bicycling and exploring the areas we’re visiting, there are things that always have to be done that just weren’t on our list of chores when we had a house that didn’t move.

Waxing it, for example.

And of course there was that tire issue we had (see Ashes, Ashes)….

Sometimes it rains (!) so we find other things to do… usually grocery shopping, picking up supplies, or other errands.

Learning addicts, we like to find out all we can about every area we spend time in. Sometimes Ellen takesphotos of interpretive signs so she can zoom in on the details later to get correct information about the things posted in this blog or in her journal.

Sometimes we’re confounded by what we find, but — of course — Ellen takes photos anyway, just in case she can figure it all out later.

Including pictures of scat….

We had a couple of great pictures to show you of the truck getting its tires rotated (imagine that!), but the man at the service center told Ellen she had to erase them because they don’t allow photos at their place of business… imagine here a picture of the truck at a service center we won’t name (why give them free advertising if we can’t use the photo?).
And, being on the road, staying in shape is always a challenge. When we find a great place to get a good workout, we like to take advantage of it. (More on this location to come!)

So behind the scenes, we’re doing all the stuff you have to do anywhere — grocery shopping, meal prep, stocking up on supplies…

But we’re also doing things like arranging to have mail sent, following up on all the stuff we get in the mail (like sending in a response to Ellen’s jury summons notice), figuring out where we’re going next, how we’ll get there, and where we’ll stay.

Then we’ll start all over again — orienting ourselves to a new town, finding the organic foods and farmer’s markets, then discovering that the best cottage cheese we found can’t be had in the new place, that there’s not a single ice cream parlor in town that serves hard-packed (old-fashioned) ice cream, and other minor disappointments.

Every place is unique… every town has its own personality. But no matter where you are, you still have things you need to take care of.

Some things in life just don’t change!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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