Road Tales — Now Available!

It started slowly, as every obsession does…

Something we saw… something we experienced on the road…

Then a question or an idea that transforms what really happened into something else…

Soon,  a short story emerges…

And then another and another…

Before long, a collection comes together…

And I think about sharing it.

Then I realize, on the road, that getting mail is tricky. Getting mail when you’ve ordered something that has a range of delivery dates is even trickier.

What if we’re gone before our package gets here?

So an e-book becomes a possibility. Something that can be immediately downloaded, even read on a computer screen.

But how boring! All those words on the screen. I’d just want to print it out and read it that way, wouldn’t you?

That means getting the printer out. Stocking it with pages and pages of paper. Waiting for it to print. Getting rid of the paper when the stories have been read. Lots of stuff to tote around in an RV. Lots of time.

And what about all those trees, giving their lives every day?

So what if I found a way to make the stories readable onscreen?

Ah! I used to write for the Web! What a perfect match!

What did I learn?


Not a lot of text per screen.

Throw out the rules of paragraphing. 

Tinker tinker.

Toil and trouble.


Would the files, with the images, be too large to download?

Maybe instead of packing all of the stories into one file they should be split up into smaller, “mini-collections.”


Road Tales, Illustrated Stories about Full-Time RVing is born! Volume 1, anyway.

Available exclusively from

This first set of two stories (145 screens!) includes:

     —  “She Did What?!?” Listen in on a phone conversation between two sisters as they discuss their mother’s decision to sell her house and go with her husband on the road full-time in their motorhome. Did she make the right decision? One sister doesn’t think so….

     — “Letter of Deepest Apologies” When a couple decide to take their craft business on the road full-time to travel from show to show, they discover that full-timing is more than they bargained for. Will they survive the trials and tribulations they discover on the road?

These stories were fun to write — and have given me a chance to exercise my fiction muscles, among all the blogging and article-writing I’ve been doing lately.

If you’ve read my novel, None But the Dead and Dying, you’ll find something very different in these short stories.

I hope you’ll take a look — and will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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