California, Here We Come!

Under sunny skies, we crossed into California, landing at the Win-River Casino for a night of boondocking.

It happened to be a Monday night, and the one restaurant open in the casino (the only place to eat that was within a safe, walk-able distance — one of several reasons why so many casinos allow RVs to park for an unlimited time and for free), was a bar that was getting ready for their Monday Night Football festivities. From our table we watched the place fill up with NFL fans decked out in team jerseys, hats, buttons, beads, and other accessories. Thanks to California’s no-smoking laws, we were able to breathe, at least in the restaurant. 

Later, when we walked by the casino, enjoying a neighborhood stroll to spot birds and take in the evening air, we could hear the crowd inside hooting and hollering and cheering their team on.

Heading further south, we drove past orchards and groves (what, technically, the difference is, I’m not sure), and found out that many of the trees we’d been passing in this corridor through the state were olive trees, some of the more mature trees displaying fat, knarled trunks.

The landscape was varied and stunning, from rich farmland to hilly ranch land.

But spotting our first West Coast palm trees felt like a milestone.

You just don’t see palm trees on any farmer’s property in Ohio!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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