Fine Spun Coarsegold

Full-timers know the value of a great park in a beautiful spot for the right price. Bob found just the place in Coarsegold, California, at the Park of the Sierras (“Park Sierra” for short). This wasn’t our first Escapee park and wouldn’t be our last, but it did give us — for the first time — the perfect place to unload our bikes for a ride without street traffic.

In addition to the many hilly, landscaped acres devoted to the park’s RV sites, Park Sierra has additional land for hiking and bicycling. On our bikes, we meandered along the sandy trail where we stopped now and then to watch birds, take some photos, and marvel at the trees and bushes that don’t grow (as far as we know) back in the Midwest.

And the birds! We’d soon come to realize that those that seemed new to us were common in the area:

Western Scrub Jay…

Spotted Towhee …

My new favorite, the California Quail…

And the always intriguing Acorn Woodpecker…

This particular bird has a special way of storing its nuts (often — you guessed it — acorns). We happened to be at the park in the fall, when the acorn woodpeckers were particularly busy hammering acorns into these specially created storage slots in the poles. In this case, a favorite electrical pole:

Their handiwork is amazing!

…Unless you happen to own a building it has taken a liking to as its newest winter storage spot:

But birds storing food and hawks hunting together were sure signs that cooler weather was on its way.

It was time to move even farther south!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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