Winter Wonderland!

Banish thoughts of snow and ice and freezing rain… we’re talking sunshine, blue skies, and temps right around 70 degrees! Though we had planned to stay in Yuma for a couple of weeks then steer ourselves toward Texas and Eastward from there, the weather was so gorgeous where we were — and so nasty where we were planning to go — that we just kept watching the weather and saying, “Let’s stay a little longer.”

So we did!

We soon found ourselves right at home. Although the downtown farmer’s market yielded less quality produce than we thought it should — given how surrounded we were by all the fresh fruit and veggies — we still found these brussel sprouts, still on the stem!

And we spent our share of Thursdays shopping around the Arizona Marketplace. We watched the Marketplace go from fairly empty in mid-December to packed in February to nearly empty again in March!

After discovering the great ice cream cones — just $1.50 each! — at the Peanut Patch, south of town, we found ourselves stopping in too often, and had to go cold turkey for awhile to work off those luscious double scoops.

We got into a routine, and for the first time since leaving the Midwest, we started to feel as though we weren’t on vacation, but truly living The Life. Our routine included usual stuff like finding that we liked the organic products at Fry’s grocery but the bottled distilled water (and the Monopoly game) at Albertson’s.

Yuma’s mile-long fitness center became our three-day-a-week habit. We practiced our balancing…

… and chin-ups (okay, Ellen does a variation of this move hoping that someday she’ll be able to do another chin-up the way she could ten years ago)…

… and jogging in-between. We toned up and kept saying to each other, “Can you believe it’s December/January/February/March/April?!?”

To make things even better, the SKP park is far enough out of town that we were able to ride the roads for miles around, taking in view of the nearby Gila Mountains to our east…

… the grazing sheep in the alfalfa fields…

… the crop dusting planes….

… which were much more fun to see swooping over the lemon groves while bicycling than they were to hear zooming overhead at three in the morning.

We explored the surrounding Sonoran Desert, where we discovered this target practice site — though it seems it would be a hard target to miss, the noise it must make when hit would be worth it!

Ah! Riding our bicycles and running a fitness trail in stunning weather during December, January, February, March, and April….

This is what we call a Winter Wonderland!!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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