Rainbows and…

Rusty after nearly five months without travelling, we dusted off our take-down checklist and packed up to leave Yuma in late April. We wanted to visit a Rainbow SKP park, so we headed to North Ranch, outside of Wickenburg, AZ.

We started to see our first saguaro cacti…

…and stopped for a great lunch at the KOFA Cafe just outside Vicksburg along US Route 60.

North Ranch SKP has sort of two neighborhoods, one for the short-timers, and the other consisting of the regular RV neighborhood.

Some of the lots in the neighborhood had small houses erected on them; others were open lots for RV parking. Unlike a co-op where residents lease their lots, Rainbow park residents own theirs.

Watching the Gambel’s Quails scamper around is free entertainment whether you’re visiting or a full-time resident!

Wickenburg is a wonderful, walkable town with interesting shops and history.

The Desert Caballeros Western Museum had some great write-ups…

…but with limited time and gorgeous weather, we opted to absorb the history by walking around town, where bronze sculptures of historic, local people greet you. Here Vernetta Hotel owner Elizabeth Smith beckons you to visit.

Of course we loved seeing the Craig Auto-RV-Truck repair shop! With all the repairs and fix-it jobs Bob’s been doing, he could open a shop like this!

We heard about a great place for wood-fired pizza north of the SKP park in Peeples Valley, so we ventured up Highway 89 in the direction of Prescott. This road was listed as one we shouldn’t take our rig on due to sharp curves and steep grades, but the section we drove wasn’t too bad:

Alas, T-Bird’s Cafe was closed with a note saying we should go to the barbeque next door (you can see from the photo that there was no barbeque anywhere in sight)…

…so back to Yarnell we went, stopping at Rumors Grill where we tried their pizza instead…

…and opted for ice cream back at the Chaparral in Wickenburg for dessert, a popular spot for locals and visitors alike (no way of knowing whether the man coming out the door is a local or not…):

Next stop — The Grand Canyon!


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to Rainbows and…

  1. Levonne says:

    I love Wickenburg. Use to visit there often! I know you did have a good time. Good pics.

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