May Day! May Day!

We were still having great weather as we travelled from Wickenburg up to Williams, which would be our home base for our visit to the Grand Canyon. Blue skies were a stunning backdrop to the saguarro cacti that soon surrounded us:

I didn’t even wear a sweater!

Even this ultralight pilot was having a beautiful day:

Then we arrived in Williams…

…where, while we were setting up, it started to…

WHAT!?!? What is that white stuff coming out of the sky!??!


Let me see now… we went through an entire winter without seeing this stuff, and now that it’s the first day of May, we’re seeing snow.

That’s life on the road!

Not to worry.

We took in the sights along Williams’ stretch of Route 66 (oh, yes, and did some shopping)…

What’s in the bag, Ellen?

Okay, it’s an interesting enough story. We’ve been using a woven placemat we found at the Arizona Marketplace to cover the inside step leading up into the bathroom and bedroom areas of our fifth wheel, so when we found them for $2 apiece at a shop in Williams, we were thrilled and bought four of them.

When we got home, Bob noticed they smelled a little funny, maybe because they were just unpacked in the shop — the woman there said they were just opening. It was her first year and they hoped the season would be a strong one. She was so nervous to have customers that her hands were shaking when she calculated our bill.

So he threw them in the laundry. Uh-oh! When they came out they — and the washer — smelled like gasoline!!

To make a long story short, no amount of washing them or laying them out to dry under the (now warming) sun helped them, and we ended up throwing them away.


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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