Road Tales Now Available in Print Format!

[We interrupt this blog to bring you a message from its sponsor… :)]

Road Tales: Short Stories About Full-Time RVing is now available in a print version. This 138-page edition includes seven stories in a conventional paperback format. If you like to read books you can hold in your hand and can order a book that will be shipped to you, you might prefer this format.

The stories included?

  • In “She Did WHAT?!?” two sisters on the phone discuss their mother’s decision to sell her house and venture out with their stepfather as a full-time RVer.
  • A woman running a craft business writes “A Letter of Deepest Apologies to Our Treasured FrenGEMS™ Customers” to explain her decision to take the business on the road full-time in her RV and the trials and tribulations that followed.
  • A married couple new to full-time RVing meets Jeannie and Frank, ten-year RV veterans who help them adapt to life — and death — on the road in “Living the Dream.”
  • “R-U-Dun Yet?” is the newsletter for an RV park catering to full-time RVers, especially those who have decided to come off the road. Can you figure out what’s behind the mysterious happenings in this park by reading its newsletter?
  • If you’ve ever walked your dog and wondered why some people have no desire to nuzzle your furry family member, “Pet Peeves” will tell you why.
  • In “Missing People,” a young hiker at Glacier National Park isn’t the only one who gets lost.
  • Dan and his wife didn’t decide to become “Trailer Trash,” but taking to the road in their 22-foot travel trailer was the only alternative left when their world fell apart. Now they have to figure out how to make it work for them.

This collection is affordably priced at $7.95 plus shipping. To order your copy, click the blue “Buy Now” button on the right.

Prefer a version you can read on your computer?

If you are on the road and would rather a simple downloadable version, “Road Tales: Illustrated Short Stories About Full-Time RVing” might be a better choice. Formatted in PowerPoint, this version is specially designed for comfortable screen reading.

The two stories in this 145-screen version are “She Did What?!?” and “Letter of Deepest Apologies…”* At just $4.98 this e-book is available for immediate download upon purchase. *Note that these two stories are included in the print version, so if you order the paperback, you’ll already have them.

Both editions are available exclusively via, so you won’t find them on Amazon….

Oh… and if you’re interested in finding out more about how to publish your own books, contact me via with your questions and I’ll help if I can!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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3 Responses to Road Tales Now Available in Print Format!

  1. Levonne says:

    Excellent! I’ll pass along the word.

  2. Levonne says:

    Ellen, The year has passed comfortably – not to quickly and certainly did not drag. Even with some of the downs, I love this RV adventuring life that we are living. Thanks For coming by A Camp Host Housewife’s Meanderings and leaving a comment. I appreciate your support!

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