Bracing for Bryce Weather

If you’ve been reading along, you’ve seen the stunning blue skies we were gifted with for the hikes we took in Bryce Canyon National Park.

But not every day was clear and warm! (Sharp eyes might have spotted my gloves in the Mossy Cave post — gorgeous skies, but chilly air up here in the higher elevations.)

One morning we awoke to…

…yes, snow!

But that’s okay — there wasn’t much of it and it melted pretty quickly.

A day like that gave us a chance to lay low, visit the nearby towns, where I like to scan the community bulletin boards to see what’s going on…

…have some homemade soup and pie at our favorite local restaurant…

…give my fiction-writer’s brain a chance to mull over whether there’s a story in the four caravaning RV4Rent families that parked near us at Ruby’s (what do you think the story is?!?]…

…and relax later with some episodes we missed of Grey’s Anatomy on — our alternative when we’re without TV but have an internet connection:

After all the reviews of Ruby’s Inn and RV Park, with its General Store, restaurant, fuel station, garage, motel and other attractions, we were curious to stay here. As the only RV option near Bryce Canyon NP, we were glad to have quick access to the park and strolled the immense general store to pass the time. Maybe because of its relatively remote location, the prices were high, and — as I mentioned — we opted for the Bryce Canyon Pines restaurant (a local favorite) for our occasional meal out rather than Ruby’s restaurant and were never disappointed there.

When we packed up to leave, we knew we’d be back!


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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