Sand and Wah Wahs

Bob had read that Great Basin National Park is less popular and offered great hiking — two huge pluses for us — so from Bryce Canyon NP we headed up I-15 to Utah State Route 21. Located just inside the Nevada border from Utah, Great Basin NP is situated near the intersections of some of the loneliest roads in the country.

Most of our companions along Rte 21 looked like this:

But when we saw this ahead…

…we knew we were in for a blizzard of a sandstorm!

The sand swirled at a distance on either side of us…

…but eventually we would have to drive through it:

Passing through these walls of sand was like walking from a smoke-filled room into a smog-free clearing…

…until once again it was just us and the cows… although this one looked as though she was trying to tell us something.

Maybe about the next sandstorm ahead?

From miles away we could tell it would be even worse than the one we’d just gone through! Oh, well, nothing to do but keep driving and hope that the air filter wouldn’t get too clogged too fast… and try to enjoy the amazing effects the sand and wind had on the scenery (when we could see through the sand, that is)…

… always keeping the line of the Wah Wah Mountains ahead of us.

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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