Might Have Felt Like Our Lake…

But it’s Henry’s Lake — whoever Henry was…

Okay, for you history buffs, “Henry” of Henry’s Lake (you’ll see it spelled with and without the apostrophe… and as a former English teacher, I’m compelled to use the proper form!) was Major Andrew Henry, a partner in the Missouri Fur Trading Company, who came to the area with 50-80 men in 1810 to establish a trading center in nearby St. Anthony,  Idaho.

Here’s how the interpretative sign at the Lake explains what happened:

“After a bitter winter, 27 men had either died or been killed; many suffered from snow blindness, and all of them were forced to eat their horses to survive. In spring 1811, Henry and his surviving men trudged to Montana where they had been trapping before coming to this area. The lake and a nearby portion of the Snake River bear the major’s name.”

We hoped we would fare better than Major Henry and his men — there’s no shooting the RV and eating it to survive, but then, we wouldn’t have blinding snow in June and July to deal with, would we?

Well… we might! But I’m getting ahead of things…

This corner of Idaho, while close to Yellowstone, is also far enough away to free us from the maddening crowds. You can see from this photo just how isolated we were at the Red Rocks RV Resort.

The Lake itself is known for its “trophy fishing,” and even on this brisk mid-June day that threatened rain, several folks were casting their lines from the shore and from boats.

Even the pelicans reveled in the great fishing:

The Lake is surrounded by mountains, putting it smack in the middle of some unpredictable weather patterns. To get our bearings, we drove around the Lake, including suffering a few dirt roads. Using a GPS means I don’t have to keep my finger pressed to a map, leaving my hands free to take photos out the window — all so you can see how gorgeous this area is!

We spent a month at Henry’s Lake, but — as with all great adventures — not always in the ways we planned!


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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