True Wilderness

Here’s the thing about travelling full-time: you have time to go to Plan B or Plan C or even Plan Z if your first ideas don’t work out.

Up the road a piece from our place near Henrys Lake, just before the pavement ended, a dirt road cut off and into the woods, up the hillside. Part of forest land, we felt free to wander up there to see what we could discover.

And there was plenty to see!

From the Red-Tailed Hawk that soared overhead…

… to the flowers that dotted the trail…

… we followed the trail, which was also a popular route for moose or deer or some large animal:

The views were spectacular:

And a reminder that we were truly in wild country kept us on alert. At this campsite, a notice tacked to a tree stirred our curiosity.

We walked closer to read it.


This warning to use bear-resistant food storage boxes and refuse containers was issued a few years ago but was still in effect.

We were officially in grizzly country!

But it wasn’t a grizzly that came charging at us — it was an unleashed dog, frenzied and ferocious, that kept us frozen at the side of the trail until its owner finally — reluctantly, it seemed — called the dog back.

The dog’s presence no doubt kept us from seeing other wildlife — but at least this nearby Tree Swallow didn’t seem affected by the howls and growls of its four-legged neighbor.

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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  1. libertatemamo says:

    Some lovely pics! We hope to make it to Idaho this year. Nina

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