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Where the Wild Things Are

The Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most remote wildlife refuges in the country, so we should have known it would be tucked into an out-of-the way spot, and it is. Remember that dirt road we took … Continue reading

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Earthquake Lake and Campfire Lodge

How could a lake be an Earthquake Lake!? It’s a fascinating story. On what was, by all accounts, a beautiful summer night in 1959 (August 17th, to be exact), a 7.5 earthquake hit the Madison River Canyon in just inside … Continue reading

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See Escapees Magazine Page 46

“Wonderful, whimsical short stories of the RV life told from many different perspectives…This is a lovely book from a fellow Escapee,” writes Marcella Gauthier in her review of Road Tales: Short Stories about Full-Time RVing. Thank you, Marcella!     … Continue reading

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Tripping Atop the Sawtelle

Like all roads to the top of mountains (where there are roads!) there isn’t much room to maneauver, and every time we’re able to make a trip like that without passing another vehicle, we wipe our brows and sigh in … Continue reading

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Feeling More Divided

The best thing about the Continental Divide? You can hike in either direction! And at this stretch of the Divide, the other direction meant very different terrain. Across the road from the thick woods we’d hiked in before stretched hundreds … Continue reading

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Under the Weather

As with most full-time RVers, we like to follow nice weather and manage to do that most of the time. Of course, there are those sudden high-altitude blizzards and sand storms etc etc (if you’re a regular reader, you remember … Continue reading

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