Tripping Atop the Sawtelle

Like all roads to the top of mountains (where there are roads!) there isn’t much room to maneauver, and every time we’re able to make a trip like that without passing another vehicle, we wipe our brows and sigh in relief because there’s rarely a place big enough to pull off the side to make room around our dually truck.

Sawtelle Peak sits outside Henry’s Lake toward Island Park, and though it isn’t the prettiest mountaintop to pick out along the ridgeline, with its huge satellite dome…

…which means it’s an even less attractive mountaintop…

…but it is resplendent with fabulous 360-degree views:

Both of us took photos of the gorgeous vistas…

… and the tiny flowers underfoot:


Then, somewhere between looking out at the panoramic view around us and trying not to miss any of the beautiful little blooms on the ground, I missed my footing, twisted my ankle, and fell smack on my butt!

I actually heard my ankle pop, so Bob and I were both afraid I’d done some real damage to it, but I was able to move it and put a little weight on it, and — after a lifetime of experience with this very type of accident — knew it would be bruised and painful for awhile, but that nothing was broken.

Can you tell which ankle got twisted?

And you know what recovery means?!? Ice cream!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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1 Response to Tripping Atop the Sawtelle

  1. I.M. says:

    Somethin’ tells me you ain’t a plannin’ on usin’ that ice cream on yer ankle unless it gits there by way of yer mouth. 🙂

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