What a Difference Three Weeks Can Make

In 2009 we arrived in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in early September; in 2010 we were about three weeks earlier. Maybe the difference wasn’t the timing — maybe the summer had been just a little cooler — but we found it breezier and chillier than we remembered.

The temperature makes for great hiking, and the sharp blue sky made the white peaks of the Olympic National Park stand out that much more from Hurricane Hill.

Either different flowers were in bloom, or we just didn’t notice these last time…

…and though we didn’t see the deer we spotted last year, we did see signs they were around (or maybe elk…):

Other critters were less shy:

Even the tiny ones!

And this Gray Jay let us interrupt only for a minute…

…before getting back to digging for lunch:

It was great to hike out here again, but being here earlier in the season also meant more people were around.

Which we were trying to get used to, until we came to this tunnel…

…which is innocuous enough, unless you happen to be behind some yahoos who think it’s hilarious to blast their horn just as you’re coming into the closed cement walls and your ears end up ringing for hours afterwards…

Sometimes it isn’t the tourists who give a place a bad name, but the locals (the truth hurts, I know).

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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