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Honey of a Campground

In late September and early October of 2010, we travelled the Oregon Coast, staying for a time at Honey Bear Campground outside of Gold Beach. We’d heard about this spot from fellow SKPers Jack and Doris Yates who’ve stayed here … Continue reading

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Going Coastal

Fog followed us out of Washington across the mouth of the Columbia River into Astoria, making this view of the bridge eerie at best. Our first views of the Oregon coast were smothered in gray, but that doesn’t mean they … Continue reading

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Along Long Beach

While Bob drives, Ellen likes to point her camera out the window and snap photos. Though he offers to stop (where we can get the rig off the road) so she could control the shots she’s taking even better, she … Continue reading

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Forks in the Road

Mid-September 2010 (you haven’t forgotten this blog is months behind the real date, have you?!? Bear with me… eventually we’ll be closer to real time…) we headed down the Pacific Coast, hoping the weather would cooperate this year. Our first … Continue reading

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The First Bob & Ellen BEST EATS List!

Years ago, before we started RVing, we drove the perimeter of Nova Scotia, staying at bed-and-breakfasts, shopping, hiking, and trying the seafood chowder everywhere we went. We were determined to find the best the province had to offer, and we’re … Continue reading

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Backside of a Hurricane

Hurricane Hill, that is! After hiking the common side of Hurricane Hill in Olympic National Park a few times, we decided to drive a little farther to the Elwah Ranger Station area and hike it from the other side. Our … Continue reading

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