The First Bob & Ellen BEST EATS List!

Years ago, before we started RVing, we drove the perimeter of Nova Scotia, staying at bed-and-breakfasts, shopping, hiking, and trying the seafood chowder everywhere we went. We were determined to find the best the province had to offer, and we’re sure we did. The chowder at Claudia’s in Shelburne was by far the best.

When we returned to Nova Scotia a few years later, we found the restaurant, but to our horror, it was no longer Claudia’s, but Nellie Bly’s. We went in anyway. “You’re not Claudia’s anymore,” we said.

“Don’t worry,” the hostess replied. “We still serve her seafood chowder.”

Clearly it was a popular menu item — since we hadn’t even mentioned the chowder when we went in! And it was still the best. It’s the chowder all others are judged against.

Since then, we’ve ranked the foods we keep coming back to, and some of the staples of restaurant fare. Those of you who know us are aware we’re not keen on restaurant food — Bob’s an excellent cook, so we have pretty high standards. We’ve eaten in our share of places we won’t go back to, and have even walked right out of a few before sitting down.

All of that is to say that we all have our own preferences, but these are the dishes that have made us return to the same places more than once, and have set the bar for others to reach.

Best Overall Breakfast
1. Stage Stop — Stockbridge, MI
2. Penfold’s Cafe & Bakery — Temecula, CA
3. Original Pancake House — Sioux Falls, SD

Best Omelet
1. Spanish Omelet at Eaton Place — Charlotte, MI

Best Pancakes
1. Boysenberry at Campfire Lodge — near Earthquake Lake, MT
2. Griddle Cakes made with blue corn flour at Lotus Cafe — Jackson, WY

Best Fish Tacos
1. (tie) Street Foods at the farmer’s market — Temecula, CA
1. (tie) Mimi’s Cafe — Temecula, CA

Best Seafood Sandwich
1. Elkhorn Grill — Hungry Horse, MT

Best Perch Sandwich
1. Oak Harbor Hotel — Oak Harbor, OH

Best Chowder
1. Seafood chowder at Nellie Bly’s — Shelburne, N.S.
2. Clam chowder at Fins — Port Townsend, WA

Best Lobster
1. Dinner: Lighthouse Inn — Seal Harbor, ME
1. Pound: Hall’s Harbour, Nova Scotia
1. Lobster rolls: Bayley’s Lobster Pound — Pine Point, ME

Best Mexican Restaurant
1. Tacos Mi Rancho  — Yuma, AZ

Best Pizza
1. Flatbread — Portland, OR
2. Geddy’s — Bar Harbor, ME
3. Ronnie’s — Yuma, AZ
4. Moose’s Saloon — Kalispell, MT
5. Wild West Pizza — West Yellowstone, MT

Best Place to Get What You Can’t Get Someplace Else
1. (tie) Tiger Shrimp Ravioli at Poppycock’s — Traverse City, MI
1. (tie) Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Shrimp at Apache Trout Grill —  Traverse City, MI
2. Best Bratwurst Sandwich at Campfire Lodge — near Earthquake Lake, MT

Best Steak
1. Hot Springs Resort — Chico Hot Springs, MT
2.Island Lodge — Mac’s Inn, ID

Best Carrot Cake
1. Oscar’s Cafe — Springdale, UT
2. (tie) Elks Lodge — Chimacum, WA
2. (tie) Esther’s Eats — Yuma, AZ (unfortunately, she doesn’t make this anymore!)

Best Pie
1. Blueberry at Quietside Cafe — Southwest Harbor, ME
2. Huckleberry at Elkhorn Grill — Hungry Horse, MT
3. Key Lime at Crow’s Nest — Catawba Island, OH

Best Chocolate Dessert (this is a very hard category!)
1. The Volcano at Pietro’s — Grand Rapids, MI
2. Chocolate cake at Pine Country Restaurant — Williams, AZ
3. Whoopie Pie cake at Becky’s Diner — Portland, ME

Best Dessert Choices (another tough category!!)
1. Poppycock’s — Traverse City, MI
2. (tie) Pine Country Restaurant — Williams, AZ
2. (tie) Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant — btwn Hatch and Panguitch, UT

Best Scones
1. Silver Jack Motel & Electrolux Cafe — Baker, NV

Best Place to Put Together a Picnic
1. Vermont Country Deli — Brattleboro, VT

Have places we should try? Send your suggestions!

Where are the best places you’ve eaten? Share your experiences!

And… watch for another list someday… there are bound to be changes and additions…

…because trying new things is what RVing is all about!

Here are links to some of these BEST Places:

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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to The First Bob & Ellen BEST EATS List!

  1. John - 5th a Day says:


    A nice blog on your RV travels! If you hadn’t commented on mine and I then checked you out, I might have missed this one. I bookmarked it and will be following along, thanks.

    You asked what my truck was, gas or diesel. It’s one of those demon diesels, has a mind of it’s own, picks it’s own gear, types of truck. But I’m getting used to it just doing what it thinks it needs to do to get us there. We are off to the great north this week. New Hampshire and then Maine. When we leave there in Sept, it’s back to our old are in Pa. for a month then off to Texas for the winter. Mission area to be specific.


  2. Ellen says:

    John — Thanks for stopping by the blog! Glad you like it! Thanks for letting us know you’re driving the diesel. We never had such issues with our Chevy Duramax diesel… Travel safely!

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