Forks in the Road

Mid-September 2010 (you haven’t forgotten this blog is months behind the real date, have you?!? Bear with me… eventually we’ll be closer to real time…) we headed down the Pacific Coast, hoping the weather would cooperate this year.

Our first travel day was gloomy and rainy, but it added a bit of misty romance to the trip:

The roads dried up despite the clouds when we reached the Forks in the road — the town in Washington made famous by those “Midnight” vampire books.

Didn’t seem to be much to the town — but then, I’m not a reader of that series, so probably many of the references to the characters were lost on me. At least they had a nice coffee shop…

… with a huge parking area across the street:

And as you can see, by the time we finished lunch, blue sky was overhead.

By the time the highway started to hug the ocean, the day had bloomed into an absolute stunner.

We found a place to pull the off the road (not always possible with a rig this size)…

…so we could walk along the beach a ways:

Western Sandpipers pecked in the mud…

…leaving some of the most amazingly artful tracks you’ve ever seen:

From the gulls overhead…

… to the shells that looked like butterflys in flight…

…this piece of beach was one of the prettiest, and quietest spots we have ever been.

The highway calls, though, so on we went, opting to spend the night boondocking at the Quinault Beach Casino lot near Ocean Shores, where the sunset closed a perfect day.

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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