Going Coastal

Fog followed us out of Washington across the mouth of the Columbia River into Astoria, making this view of the bridge eerie at best.

Our first views of the Oregon coast were smothered in gray, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t gorgeous anyway!

We quickly discovered that Oregon — unlike other states we could name — was very pro-active in its thinking about how to keep the coastline accessible to everyone. Way back in the 1930’s they started building the highway that still exists today, and with its frequent turn-outs, even big rigs like ours could scoot off to the side of the road.


This is especially good for the driver, who gets to enjoy the scenery and take photos, too!

This gull watched us watch it…

…while the fishermen sat under gray skies, waiting to hit their limit.

We weren’t as interested in Tillamook cheese as we were in Tillamook ice cream, and the factory made a great stopping place for lunch.

We’ve been on our share of factory tours, so we were content to look through the big window from the general viewing area, then head for the cafeteria, where the mac and cheese was good (we prefer Bob’s special mac & cheese made with Cougar Gold cheese from the Washington State University creamery!) , but the ice cream at Tillamook was worth the stop.

And on down the coast, more stunning views:

Of course, we’re not content to sit in the truck — have have to get out and climb down to the shoreline if we can.

Getting close can take its toll, though! Taking this shot of a huge log riding the waves…


…Ellen got slammed by a wave she did’t see coming!

Thank goodness she was wearing hiking shoes! And.. because we always have our closet trailing behind us… she could change into dry clothes and shoes before pulling back onto the road! How cool is that?!?

Okay, here’s something even more cool.

How often do you get to see waves crossing over each other?

Along this stretch of America, even boondocking in the parking lot of a Fred Meyer store means your view out the window is awe-inspiring!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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