What’s for Desert?

Oh… okay… I know there’s *dessert* (as in “ice cream”) and then there’s *desert* as in Anza-Borrego. This is about the latter….

We’ve driven through this desert a few times, and one day had enough time to pull off the road to hike a bit among the cacti. The Midwesterners in us just don’t get tired of walking into big stretches of open sand!

The scale is enormous, and the sky really was this blue that day!

We happened upon this short loop trail with interpretive signs… unfortunately, this being the desert and all, the signs were bleached and unreadable. We had hoped to find some description of the plants around us, including whether looking so burnt up in November was par for the course….

Seeing cacti so black was a surprise. Maybe it was just their off -season? Their “just survived the scorching, dry summer and I’m not at my photogenic best” season?

Of course, it’s possible (likely?!?) that these aren’t even cacti, but some other succulent plant… hard to say without the the help of those interpretive signs…

Even so, it made for a great walk in the November sunshine!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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