Dripping Springs

Some full-time RVers are on the road almost constantly — a few days here, a week or two there, then off again. For us, full-timing is a chance to spend some time in one spot so we can explore it. It’s about spending the winter in places where we can bicycle and hike and not wear snow shoes to do it.

So being in southern California for a few months over the winter meant we could venture down some of the trails we didn’t get a chance to trek last year. One of those trails starts at the Dripping Springs State Park between Temecula and Aguanga. The campground is rustic (no hookups) and beautiful, but it was closed while we were there — so if this looks tempting to you, call the California state park service to find out if it’s open before driving out.

Bob crossed this stream the tricky way — testing his balance with the help of his hiking poles…

…Ellen gave it a try, but wasn’t as sure-footed, opting instead to doff her socks and boots and wade through cold water that came up to her ankles:

The trail wound up through the Agua Tibia Wilderness in the Cleveland National Forest; the farther into the mountains we hiked, the better the view:

And it seemed that as soon as we thought we had the best shot of the valley below or the mountains in the distance, we rounded another curve, up a little higher, and saw what seemed an even more awesome panorama:

But it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the trail — not just to stay sure-footed, but to keep from missing the critters that scurry around in in the brush. Like these lizards:

And although it was still snowy in the mountains…

…flowers bloomed around us:

Some Native Americans say that we see wildlife only because the animal chooses to show itself to us, so everytime we spot a wild animal — no matter how big or small — we thank it for letting us see it. On this hike, we were gifted with this adorable hummingbird (maybe an Anna’s Hummingbird):

Now that’s a gift that’s priceless!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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3 Responses to Dripping Springs

  1. Katherine LaFleur-Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing! Have fun you two… 🙂 Steve and Kathy Wilson
    we have moved from Michigan and now live in Tennessee…

  2. Beautiful photos! We didn’t explore southern California nearly enough when we lived in San Diego for two years, and now I’m regretting that. Hopefully we can get back there again for some extended exploration time. 🙂

  3. Ellen says:

    Kathy — Thanks for stopping by and posting! Did you move to escape the rough economy in Michigan?

    Christy — Thanks for the compliment! We’ve been amazed at just how much there is in that area to explore. We’ve barely scratched the surface to be sure! Safe travels and stop back!

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