Having a Grand (Canyon) Old Time

Where to go with the new rig?!? Well… one of the things that we couldn’t do with the big 38′ fifth wheel was stay in some of the parks, including the Grand Canyon. So we headed North, and though we expected we might need to stay someplace well away from the park entrance, Bob decided to call Camper Village to see if … maybe… just maybe…

And — to our great joy — it turns out they did. Have a cancellation. Which meant we got a site right in the park.

We fit into our spot pretty easily…

…and wasted no time getting out onto the Bright Angel Trail…

…where two Condors flew overhead, as if to welcome us:

Our timing coincided with the pack mules coming up from Phantom Ranch. What goes into the canyon, you know, must come out. Even if it’s stuff like banana peels and other trash…

We hiked the Bright Angel Trail a few times — it was so easy from the campground to just catch the shuttle to the trailhead and get an easy start, that we didn’t even notice that we were a little later in the summer on this trail than last year!

We were happy to reach the first waystation:

But still had plenty of energy to make the hike back out of the canyon again:

Being in the park meant we had much more time to wander around… we caught the dance demonstration in front of the Hopi House:

And of course, we shopped in the Market, which made for a great walk to and from the rig. Something new for us was doing laundry. With a washer and dryer in the fifth wheel, we were used to doing laundry when we wanted (as long as we had water and sewer hook-ups, of course). We decided that maybe about lunchtime on a day we weren’t hiking would be ideal, and we were right.

Most of all, staying in the park meant we didn’t just see cute little critters like this hungry fellow…

…or this gorgeous bluebird…

…but we caught a glimpse of an amazing buck elk from the road, and this elk, wandering the campground:

We were enjoying this new, more mobile way of travelling already!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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