Who Put the Boon in Boondocking?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons we wanted to downsize from the larger fifth wheel and pick-up truck was to be more mobile, and we’ve certainly been more flexible!

This is the summer we headed from coast to coast with a few stops in-between. And because the blog has been soooo far behind us, I thought I’d combine several things in the next few posts to bring you (nearly) up to date.

So… to start with… a summary of “boondocking.”

For those of you unfamiliar with boondocking, it’s overnighting without hookups (no electric, no sewer, no water line into the rig). It means you’re relying on your “self-contained unit” to supply what you need. Obviously, this is going to vary from rig to rig.

Our Travel Supreme fifth wheel, as much as we love it, has three slides, and when they’re all in, it’s nearly impossible to get around inside. And as large as it is, once it got warmed up driving down the road in the summer, cooling it down again (even with the generators running all night) for a good night’s sleep was a battle. And to do that meant hooking the generators up (we had two) — an extra step for Bob. So boondocking for us wasn’t much fun on a few levels.

Our lovely Winnie, however, is easy to get around in even when the one slide is in, so we’ve enjoyed several nights of boondocking this summer, starting with the Cliff Castle Casino lot in Arizona….

…our share of Walmart parking lots, including this one that was closed (and now looks like it’s being renovated)…

… and the ever-entertaining rest areas. This one, along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, was especially crowded on a rainy July night:

It was like watching a truck ballet, the way they roared around and between each other, sliding through spaces that didn’t look big enough for a Mini-Cooper, much less a tractor-trailer rig. We worried briefly about someone clipping us, but we actually slept pretty well (considering the noise and the staggering stench of diesel fumes, among other things)!

I’m sure we’ll  have many more boondocking adventures to come… in the meantime, what’s your craziest boondocking experience?

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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