Announcing… BookMatches!

Okay, this might sound like a repeat…. And, because Ellen’s a novelist as well as a full-time RVer… there’s of course a long version of this story.

Awhile back, we announced “Books to Travel By” — a new page that would cover the books we read while we’re in different places and invite you to make suggestions as well, all centered around the geographical area or national park or city or whatever locale the post was about. After the page was up, we discovered that an added page is pretty static (at least in this free version of WordPress) and it wasn’t going to give the full reference tagging that makes such a series of posts at all usable.

And, since posts at the ellenbooks blog as well and “Books to Travel By” seemed like a nice fit for that…. it seemed like a good place for it… except… so is this blog… so where to put it? What to do about the static, non-tagging page it would have… ?!??!

Oh… the blogosphere gets complicated fast, doesn’t it?

So… yet another blog seemed like a good idea. (!!! lost count yet?!?)

All of this is to say “Books to Travel By” is now a blog in its own right — BookMatches!

Join the conversation about books and travel and add your own suggestions and ideas for what you’re reading when you’re on the road.

See you there!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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