Every Team is a Home Team

When you live in your RV, every town is your hometown. So whenever a waitress at a restaurant or someone we meet on the road asks us if where we live, we tell them, “We’re your town’s newest residents!” And of course, it’s probably true.

And because every town is our home town, every team is our home team. That makes it especially fun when we happen on some athletic event. Last summer while we were in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we kept passing baseball diamonds filled with players and fans, so we decided to stop and see some of the action.

The Ringneck International Invitational Tournament, a female softball comopetition officially sanctioned by the Amateur Softball Association of America, had brought out the best teams in the region. By the third day and final day, emotions were running high and competition was fierce.

It was easy to root for everybody. Who could go wrong with team names like the Norfolk Golden Girls, West Fargo Impact, Minnesota Mayhem, Manitoba Thunder, Winnipeg Lightning, or the South Dakota Fusion?

Often the teams were so evenly matched that only a run or two made the difference in the outcome.

It was a great summer afternoon watching great softball knowing that no matter which team won, we were the real winners!

Go team!


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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