Up the Superior

[Note: This post is a bit out of order… my apologies!]

While staying in the Superior, WI – Duluth, MN area last August, we took part of a day to drive up the coast of Lake Superior. We headed north from Duluth after getting the oil changed in the Winnebago, so we were on the hunt for a great place to eat as we cruised from town to town along the lake.

First, a stop at the McQuade Small Craft Harbor. Why? Because it looked inviting from the road 🙂

It was a great place to park, walk the breakwater, and breathe the fresh water air… ah!

As with so many places we visited this summer, few people were around. Of course, we picked a Wednesday, which always helps, but the lack of vacationers was noticeable.

That left us in the company of seagulls and these Cormorants…

…to enjoy the stunning view:

We passed some tempting restaurants but they were closed, and eventually followed our instincts and the signs back through the Larsmont Resort in Two Harbors to their Ledge Rock Grill. The service was excellent, the food good but not particularly memorable…

The views, however… !

The resort was bustling, and it was clear to see that the server was being honest when she said business was pretty good (despite few people having lunch in the restaurant) — they do a lot of catering and special events. As we mosied around, we also noticed that many people came ready for hiking and bicycling and probably took advantage of the restaurant’s “brown bag” option.

The shoreline made getting close to (and into, if you were brave enough to bear the cold water!) the Lake…

… and without even trying, we stumbled upon this geocache:

But we didn’t need a geocache to tell us we’d stumbled on a hidden treasure!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to Up the Superior

  1. What a wonderful trip! Im from California and even Im jealous of that scenery.

  2. tyler says:

    The north shore is so beautiful and a wonderful and peaceful drive.

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