It’s an Eco… Eco… EcoWorld!

From towns named Blue Earth…

…to seeing how farmers are using every bit of land to harvest what they can, outside the fences…

…and inside fences, like growing and harvesting hay at the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, airport…

…we’ve seen lots of different ways people and communities are conserving resources — including a power plant outside of Brawley in Southern  California that converts manure into electricity 🙂

Take a look at this cool waste receptacle we spotted in Duluth, Minnesota:

Not only is there a place right there for recycling bottles, cans and papers, but the waste receptacle is solar powered compactor! Why is this a big deal?

  • They hold five times more trash than a conventional trash can.
  • They minimize the number of trips required to empty them, which reduces gas consumption.

Not only that, they’re high tech: when trash levels reach a certain point, a text message is sent wirelessly to the city’s park maintenance center so they’ll know to empty it.

How cool is that?!?

Full-time RVers are some of the most energy-efficient people on the planet: we live in 400 square feet (or less!), and have learned how to conserve water, utilize solar and propane power. Despite the driving we do, our individual carbon footprints are much smaller than most.

Maybe that’s why we see wind turbines differently than other people. Instead of seeing an interruption in the landscape, we see tall, graceful, mechanical gymnists turning cartwheel after cartwheel against the sky:


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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4 Responses to It’s an Eco… Eco… EcoWorld!

  1. YES! Love the turbines. Love the Sun, too; photons crashing into our solar panels, firing our computers.

    Do you guys boondock?

    • Ellen says:

      Just took a peek at your blog — what great adventures you’re having, too! Just came through Flagstaff a few months ago and were at the south rim of the GC as well… so much to see and no time for it all!!

      Yes, we boondock — mostly while in transit at places like Walmart, but every now and then we’ll stop someplace amazing because we can’t resist it. We didn’t come to RVing from a long history of camping; our attraction to RVing was as a way to live inexpensively while traveling. And so far the places we’ve wanted to visit have been near full or partial hook-up sites.

      Would you say you boondock 50% of the time? More or less? Just curious!

  2. Cute blog. I’m sure some of us could even add to that.

    • Ellen says:

      Would love to see your additions! It’s so inspiring to see what’s out there to help us all contribute to a friendlier eco-system 🙂 Thanks for stopping by thte blog!

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