You Know You’re A Full-Time RVer When….

Hard to believe that we’ve been full-time RVing for more than three years now. As you can imagine, we’ve seen some amazing things, met some awesome people, and still have thousands of miles of exploring to do!

To celebrate the occasion, here’s a list of tell-tale signs for identifying a full-timer. Have your own to add? Comment away!

You Know You’re a Full-Time RVer When…

…you can recite your miles-per-gallon overall *and* broken down for flat-land driving and mountain driving.

…you can explain the subtle yet important distinction between “boondocking” and “dry camping.”

…you know how to shower and do a sinkful of dirty dishes with a gallon of water or less.

…you walk into a home decor store and think, “What do people *do* with all these things?!?”

…you have an assortment of grocery chain club member cards that’s fatter than a deck of playing cards.

…you know which truck stops and travel centers have the best coffee and the cleanest restrooms.

…your closet has no more than three changes of clothes because you gave up buying a tee-shirt for every place you visited a long, long time ago.

…the best afternoon’s entertainment is watching weekend RVers pull into their sites and hook-up, filling in what they’re saying (or swearing) based on their expressions and gestures.

…you’ve realized what a smart idea it was for Walmarts, Cabela’s, and casinos to allow overnight RV parking because they know you’ll spend money there you wouldn’t have otherwise.

…you can spend every holiday and birthday any place you want, but you have your favorites anyway.

…you’ve learned to smile when people ask where you’re from and after explaining your full-time lifestyle they say, “I hope you enjoy your vacation.”

…it takes you a few minutes to realize the water pump is always on in public restrooms!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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8 Responses to You Know You’re A Full-Time RVer When….

  1. We’re going to be camping next month. Can anyone give me tips on things you would normally forget to pack so I’m well prepared. There’s going to be water parks, and rides, plus the traditional camping stuff like fishing. We’re going to be staying in tents, not a cabin or RV so we won’t be needing any kitchen stuff I don’t think. Any ideas would be great, thanks!

    • Ellen says:

      You’re probably already on your camping vacation by the time you read this — hope you’re having a great time! Camping is outside what we do, so unfortunately I can’t offer up a checklist. I will say this — once you *do* have your stuff packed and you’re on your way, make a list for the *next time.* Keep the list electronically, and add/subtract stuff as you discover what you forgot and what you brought that you didn’t use. At least then you’ll have a personalized list for the next camping trip you take 🙂 Have fun!

  2. Love this list! It’s all true!

    After 15 months (and still counting) on the road, my step-brother still asks how the vacation is going.

    How about “when a friend offers you a long, hot shower, it only takes three minutes”?

  3. jim kerrin says:

    We have been full-timers for 24 years ……….family still considers it a “fling”.

    • Ellen says:

      Jim — That’s too funny!! Sort of like someone at a couple’s fiftieth wedding anniversary saying, “I still think this isn’t going to last…” ! Thanks for visiting the blog!

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  5. Saw the article for Part 2 so I used the link to get to part 1 They are both great lists. I like the shower one best. 🙂

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