Why South Dakota?!?

When we headed out onto the road, we decided to go all the way: we sold our house and left our jobs (Bob retired — Ellen quit). When she left her forwarding address, she kept getting asked: “Why would you want to move to South Dakota?!?”

First, that suggests that there’s nothing in South Dakota worth moving to — ! This is the state of the Badlands…

Black Hills…

Bear Butte…

Mount Rushmore…


rolling meadows…



prairie dogs…

…dramatic weather….

…and of course there’s that must-see, the Corn Palace:

So there’s plenty about South Dakota that warrants more respect than questions like “Why South Dakota, of all places?!?”

But here’s the other thing. Picking a “domicile” state as a full-time RVer is different than it is for other people who are choosing a place to live. While it makes sense in most circumstances for a state to require residents to spend a certain amount of time physically within the state’s borders, that doesn’t make sense for those of us who roam the continent. Why do we need a domicile address at all? Well, we need a driver’s license… a way to get mail… and  a place to call home for voting purposes. Texas and South Dakota are very friendly to people who live on the road, so many full-time RVers choose either of these as domicile states.

We’ll always be Buckeyes at heart, both of us born and raised near Lake Erie, but we could have done a lot worse than pick South Dakota as our adopted state and we treasure every return trip we make there.

[Thinking about fulltiming? Here’s a great place to start.]

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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