Second Bob and Ellen’s BEST EATS Awards!

A lot can change in a short period of time… Some of our “bests” are gone… maybe we haven’t been to the restaurant recently enough to honor the ranking or the restaurant is gone or the item is no longer being offered… On the other hand, some of our “bests” from last year’s lists have held their top spots. And we’ve added many new winners as we discover them. (You’d think we eat out more than we do, wouldn’t you!?)

Have your own favorites you want to share? Add them in the comments so we can all eat happy 🙂

Best Breakfast Item
1. Hang Town Fry (a two-egg scramble with lightly breaded oysters) at The Tides — Hoodsport, WA

Best Waffles
1. Polly’s Pies — Hemet, CA

Best Pancakes
1. Ricotta-Stuffed Blueberry Pancakes at Mo’s Egg House — Temecula, CA

Best Breakfast — Any Item
1. Stage Stop — Stockbridge, MI

Best Reuben
1. Blue Moose Cafe — Port Townsend, WA

Best French Fries
1. Sour Cream Fries at Dirtwater Springs Restaurant — Apache Junction, AZ

Best Coleslaw
1. Bob’s Cafe — Sioux Falls, SD

Best Clam Chowder
1. Point Hudson Cafe — Port Townsend, WA

Most Indulgent Choice
1. Twinkle Walnut Shrimp at the Red Ginger — Temecula, CA

Best Pizza [Yes! These have stayed the same…. other contenders have come close, but these are rock solid for the second year]
1. Flatbread — Portland, OR
2. Geddy’s — Bar Harbor, ME
3. Ronnie’s — Yuma, AZ
4. Moose’s Saloon — Kalispell, MT

Best Traditional Burger-N-Fries Meal
1. Miz Zip’s — Flagstaff, AZ

Best Burger
1. Wild Rice Burger at Grandma’s — Duluth, MN
2. Elk Burger at Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant — near Bryce City, UT

Best Chicken Burrito
1. Adobe Cafe — Hatch, UT

Best Mexican Food Dessert
1. Cherry Burrito at Cafe de Manuel — Casa Grande, AZ

Best Chocolate Cream Pie
1. Cottage Bakery — Long Beach, WA
2. Millie’s Restaurant — Hemet, CA (now closed but worth a mention as other Millie’s in SoCal might have a pie as good!)

Best Non-Chocolate Cream Pie
1. Blueberry-Banana Cream Pie at Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant — near Bryce City, UT

Best Traditional Peach Cobbler
1. Dirtwater Springs Restaurant — Apache Junction, AZ

Best Peach Cobbler With a Twist
1. Peach Cobbler with Pineapple and Pecans at Pepe’s — Cottonwood, AZ

Best Huckleberry Pie
1. Elkhorn Grill — Hungry Horse, MT

Best Blueberry Pie
1. (tie) Quietside Cafe — Southwest Harbor, ME
2. (tie) Miz Zip’s — Flagstaff, AZ

Best Key Lime Pie
1. Dolphin Den — Avon, NC

Best Fruit Pie
1. Peach-Apple-Cherry Pie at Pine Country Restaurant in Williams, AZ

Best Not-Found-Anywhere-Else-Yet Pie
1. Carmel Mocha Almond Pie at Village Inn — Flagstaff, AZ

Most Unusual Yet Tasty Scones
1. Rancher Cafe — Delta, UT
2. JC’s Country Diner — Tremonton, UT

Best Meal for the Price
1. Beef Fajita ($5.99) at Pepe’s — Cottonwood, AZ

Best Meal Served on a Tray
1. Tilapia fish dinner at Tacos Los Altos — Flagstaff, AZ

Best Coffee-To-Go While Traveling
1. Pilot

And, the award for
Nicest Outside Bathroom goes to…
Adobe Cafe — Hatch, UT

[Watch for a follow-up post on non-food bests!]

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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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