When we started RVing full-time, we met people who were coming back through a place after many other visits. “We like it here,” they said, when we asked why, with so much of the continent to explore, they returned to the same place.

Now we understand why. It’s the same reason we hit the road in the first place: because there was never enough time in one vacation (or two or three) to see a place, to experience it, to feel a part of it.

So, like those RVers we met early on in our travels, we go back to the same places, too. And every time we do, we discover something new, take a new route, do something a little differently.

Heading north through Arizona, we took a side route through Sedona. I’d heard about Sedona for years and looked forward to seeing it. The famous red rocks, visible from the road, were tempting….


… but the congestion and crazy drivers (including a reckless pink Jeep driver — what was he thinking when he cut us off in traffic — with customers onboard?!?)


Of course, we always love discovering a new hike, and Flagstaff had just the thing: Fatman’s Loop. It wound up the side of a hill, with just enough shade to keep us comfortable as we climbed….


…to great viewpoints 🙂


Sometimes it takes a minute to get this middle-aged butt into position for the photo!


Ahhh! That wasn’t so hard, was it?!?


Okay, now what?!?


Smelling the tree? Yep. They say that Redwoods can smell like butterscotch. This one passed the sniff test.

Wouldn’t this be a great way to see the country in a trailer?!?


Okay, I confess…. This is an image from the Glen Canyon Dam Visitors Center in Page, Arizona. How cool is it to look down from the top of the dam?


Almost as cool as being *inside* the dam!


So many places we couldn’t photograph during our dam tour for security reasons, but it was definitely worth the few dollars it cost to experience this amazing structure up close.

Just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, sits the Eldon Pueblo Archeological Site (if you’ve read Ellen’s novel, you know why such a site would be of interest to her). The tightly tucked rocks that formed the village that sat here many years ago reminded us that we’re just newcomers.


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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