More Discoveries

In 2012, we retraced a lot of familiar miles, but went down some new routes, too. And along the way we discovered even more than the roads.

A mostly-gravelled road from North Fork, Idaho, to the tiny town of Shoup took us along the Salmon River, where this herd of mountain goats slaked their thirst….


Hard to see? Here’s a closer shot 🙂


It’s a great spot for river running:


Eureka, Montana, is a great little town that will make you feel as though you stepped into the Old West — except for the cars and trucks….


…and this omelet from Cafe Jax in Eureka begged for its photo to be taken:


Those of you who RV and boondock know that the things you’d normally pass in a hurry on any regular day suddenly become fascinating when you’re staying in a parking lot for the night and the hours seem to stretch on. Maybe this is one reason why this huge crane moving logs in Colville, Washington, caught our attention:


Wauconda, Washington, was a quaint stop US Route 20 that mixes the last few centuries with its old-fashioned stove in one corner and wall-mounted TV a few feet away:


Ever have coffee somewhere that’s so good you just have to find out where to get it? We did that at the Blue Moose Cafe in Port Townsend, Washington. “Sue makes it over at Sunrise,” the server at the cafe told us. So we found the roasting company…


…and then met Sue, who graciously and patiently showed us how she roasts her beans, then packaged some Blue Moose (named for the cafe) blend for us. Thanks, Sue!


The International Cafe is so out of the way I had to look at the map (and double check via a Google search) to remember which town it’s in — Austin, Nevada, along lonely Route 50.

The food wasn’t memorable, but the indifferent service and unique ambiance (you have to be there to understand) were…. Plus we got the chance to walk a bit along the tiny downtown strip, and see the sights….


… then it was time to head on down the road, eager for new discoveries!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to More Discoveries

  1. Sharlene Minshall says:

    Hi Ellen, I really had to laugh at all your posts on this page because it covered so much of where I have traveled although heaven knows, none of us ever see it all, even as full-timers. However, not too many people follow the Salmon River near Shoup, ID. I have friends who built an enormous log cabin about 13 miles beyond the elec grid. Maybe you saw it. I was so impressed with all their solar, batteries, generators, etc. etc. etc., that I used the technology in my novel, Winter in the Wilderness. Hope you saw it. It is for sale for $500,000. Isn’t full-time RVing fun! Hugs, Charlie

  2. Ellen says:

    Hi, Charlie! I don’t remember seeing your friends’ house, but it sounds fantastic. I’ll definitely have to put your book on my list! The adventures just never stop, do they? And I haven’t even started blogging about the year we’ve been having so far…. Take care and safe travels!

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