That’s Odd Too

People who travel know you can never be sure what you might come across… like…

There’s something reassuring about knowing that diners with huge food signs are still around:


This creature didn’t move or it probably would have scared me half to death — it was creepy enough as it was, laying on a rock next to Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park:


But more fun are the people creatures, don’t you think? And what’s more intriguing than trying to figure out what’s important to them. In this case, the owner clearly dreamed of sparkly wheel covers when he got his truck, so that’s where he put his money…


…Then there’s this fellow, who seems to be on a kayaking trip but wanted something comfortable to sleep on, so brought along his mattress and box spring:


These trees in the Kootenai National Forest in northwest Montana made me think of the kinds of trees that appear in Dr. Seuss books… maybe they were his inspiration.


Gotta love a place — like Washington state — where they elect someone for “PUD”:


Then there’s Packwood, Washington, where elk roam at will along the streets and through yards and RV parks….


We’ve had thousands of trucks pass us on the highway, but this is the first time (and so far only time) we’ve seen something like this:


Is that little door called a “suicide door”?!? Or is there some inside trucker joke going on we just don’t get?


Have an old school bus that just won’t run? Why not cut hair in it?


We see them a lot and usually miss getting a photo, but managed to snap this tumbleweed doing its thing:


Along the same stretch of Nevada road, we saw closed down gas stations, restaurants, and businesses…. the places that seemed to still be doing fine?


Wasn’t there a movie by this name? With Izzy? Wasn’t a very good movie, was it? (Road doesn’t look very promising, either.)



About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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