Taking a Vacation from the… Vacation? RV?

Or something like that. Actually, full-time RVing isn’t like vacationing, so we’re not sure what to call what we decided to do in September of 2012 except that we wanted to take a trip without the rig. With the RV safely and securely parked at a long-term rental spot, we took the toad (that’s our truck…. the one normally “towed” behind the Class C RV) on a ferry to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

When you live full-time in an RV, it starts to seem natural to always have your own bed and pillows and stuff for making meals the way you want them… or at least room to keep the produce you can’t resist and the leftovers from the occasional restaurant meal.

So traveling in a way that meant we would stay in a bed someone else might have just crawled out of (!!) with water glasses you hope were really and truly cleaned with soap and water (not just wiped out with a towel, as I’ve seen in some undercover videos…. YUK!)… all things we tried not to think about.

Instead, we reminded ourselves that we were saving on the ferry toll by leaving the rig behind (they charge by the foot after a certain point, so it gets expensive) and had much more freedom in where we stopped and parked since we just had the little truck.

And we did see some great things, including this totem pole:


The first night we stopped in Cowichan Bay, a great little town on the Strait of Georgia (that’s the body of water between the island and mainland BC).


This bakery was closed when we made our walk through town, but its unusual sign sure intrigued us and we were sorry we didn’t get a chance to taste their baked goods.


As the sun set behind us, the bay put on its most romantic look for us:


On up the road the next day, we had a great lunch at the Bean Time after shopping in Ladysmith….

…and though we don’t usually eat twice in a day, we couldn’t resist this Mexican restaurant in Nanaimo:


Good thing, too, because it turned out to be the only thing we liked about Nanaimo. Despite reading all kinds of great things about the town and looking forward to seeing it, we were disappointed by the traffic and when a hotelier was unfriendly and unhelpful we took a room somewhere else.

Fortunately, our other experiences on the island were generally more positive!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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