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Bee See, Bee See, Wah Wah

“Bee see, bee see, wah, wah… wah… bee see, wah, bee see, bee see, bee see…” What am I babbling about now? I’ll give you a hint: I started this chant while we were staying just south of the British … Continue reading

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On The Road Again

Show me an RVer who hasn’t started singing this old Willie Nelson favorite when they pull out onto the road, and I’ll show you a faker. It’s impossible for us not to break into song when the miles start to … Continue reading

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Big Plans

Some adventures are spontaneous. When the heat and humidity in North Carolina finally got to us in the summer of 2011, we headed north, guided by a vague idea of where we wanted to go. Everything else was serendipity: those … Continue reading

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What Makes a Great RV Stay?

In May we celebrated being full-time RVers for four years. We’d heard many people stop after 18 months or maybe last three years. We’ve also met many, many people who have been on the road for 15, 20 or more … Continue reading

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Seasonally Confused

Full-time RVers and Snowbirds know all about this condition. When you spend winters in places like sunny southern California or the desert of Arizona or other places that allow you to swim outdoors, ride your bike, hike in shorts in … Continue reading

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Full-time RVing isn’t a perfect lifestyle though it would come close if it weren’t for something called “winter.” Sure, we could swoop through the South, and probably will some year, but so far those dastardly storms that sweep through Texas … Continue reading

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Breathing Life Into the Death Valley

During our stay in Pahrump, Nevada, we decided to drive out to Death Valley. It was early October and the day was gorgeous enough to bring out this ultralight and its two riders (yep, there are two people on that … Continue reading

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Things That Go Pahrump in the Night

We’ve been Escapee (SKP) members since we started full-timing and eventually would like to visit all of the SKP parks. In 2012 we checked out the Pahrump, Nevada, park. If you travel in your RV a lot (even if you’re … Continue reading

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