Seasonally Confused

Full-time RVers and Snowbirds know all about this condition. When you spend winters in places like sunny southern California or the desert of Arizona or other places that allow you to swim outdoors, ride your bike, hike in shorts in December, January, February… then hit the road north in the early spring, you can end up in chillier temperatures and more wintery conditions in April, May — even June — than you did all winter.

It can be very confusing. I’ve completely lost track of the seasons and am more and more certain that April brings on fall… October is the start of summer…

It was on one of these “winter” days in Yuma, Arizona, that we went to Martha’s Gardens to see the date farm and try a date shake. They seem to be all the rage — billboards in northern California shout for miles: “Olive Tastings — DATE SHAKES!”


My grandparents had a fruit farm in Ohio so seeing neatly rowed orchards of apple and cherry trees is familiar territory. Somehow, though, seeing a palm trees exactly spaced for the easiest harvesting looks odd to me, as if nature has been organized like a kitchen drawer that’s usually messy made neat by lining everything up.


We got our date shake, watched people shop, decided we weren’t keen enough on the shake to have another (too sweet) or crazy enough about dates in and of themselves to purchase any of their gift boxes or bulk packages.

The farm tour was filled and we’re not big on scheduling our time around some business…


… so we took a last look at their pretty grounds…


… and away we went in search of something fun to do, like watch the MCAS pilots soar overhead:



Gary Sinise and his “Lt Dan Band” were scheduled to perform at the base in Yuma that weekend, so when we spotted this aircraft landing at the base, I had to imagine it was Lt Dan himself  🙂



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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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