On The Road Again

Show me an RVer who hasn’t started singing this old Willie Nelson favorite when they pull out onto the road, and I’ll show you a faker. It’s impossible for us not to break into song when the miles start to pass under our tires. Just… can’t… wait.

We were in Southern California when we set out for the Great White North (though this time of the year, the Great Green North), but were eager and quickly clipped up the road….

… passing pistachio groves and getting passed, in this case by a truck loaded with onions:


We watched in amazement when the Exit to Easy Street appeared…


…especially since it’s right there with Shamrock, a lucky road, wouldn’t you say?

Not so easy to find was Mount Shasta, which played hide and seek with us all along the highway (mostly hide… and no, I’m not sure if this is even the famous peak… who could tell with all the clouds?):


Beautiful yellow flowers lined our route…


…and boondocking at Silver Reef Casino in Washington state gave us some unexpected entertainment:


What? Can’t tell what that is? Here’s a hint: these pale tracers were accompanied by loud booms. Need more? Well, when it eventually got dark, I took these:



Nope, not the Fourth of July — this was May. And when we asked in the casino what the occasion was, we got shrugs. “That’s been going on for the last few days,” they said. Maybe it was rehearsal….

Maybe it was a celebration that the trip we’ve wanted to make since going full time in 2009 was finally happening!

Whatever the reason, it was yet another great, unexpected, free bit of entertainment while boondocking.

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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