Traveling the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

We read so much about this highway’s condition we proceeded very cautiously as our tires met its surface. We’d go slow, take what came our way, fill up the tank every opportunity we had (because fuel stops are so far apart), boondock if needed, and keep our eyes peeled for wildlife.

And the highway rewarded us, if an inanimate object like a road can do that.

The road, especially up to the Route 37A Junction (leading to Stewart, BC, and Hyder, AK), was in fantastic shape, and the views were splendid:


We boondocked in one of the many pull-outs along the highway (though this one was a might close to the road, so we did hear the occasional truck zoom past)…


…and yes, we saw bears! Black bears grazing on the side of the highway, including a mother and cub:


Oops. Missed them. They were all too fast for me to get photos of them. (Got plenty of images of trees, though.)

We had more miles to go on “the Cassiar,” which even in its worse spots wouldn’t be as bad as what was waiting for us on the Alaska Highway — but I’m getting ahead of things.

A must-stop when taking the Cassiar is the side road to Stewart-Hyder. Our adventures there next time.

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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