A Horse is a Horse — Of Course Of Course

In the Western Lower 48 we’ve seen signs warning about livestock that could be in the road, and every now and then we saw a sign with the picture of a horse on it. Usually it means there’s a horse trail that crosses the road, so drivers should be cautious along that stretch.

Well, in the tiny hamlet of Good Hope in northern British Columbia, the sign was hand-painted and nailed to a tree: “Watch 4 Horse.”

The sign was a good idea.


This four-legged friend wandered up the road to greet us like the local Welcome Wagon representative:


Of course we slowed down, expecting it to plod over to the edge of the road. But this was not our road. This road clearly belonged to the horse, which eyed us, and stopped.

Still in the middle of the road.


We watched the horse while it watched us. When it seemed certain it was going to stand its ground/road, Bob steered carefully around it. Something tells me it’s greeted many more travelers in the days since we were welcomed, and that we weren’t the first in that long string.

Oh, and we weren’t on some side road… this is just part of the experience of traveling the Cassiar Highway, the only North-South artery in Western British Columbia. Not what you’d expect on a “major thoroughfare,” eh?!?

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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