Seward in July

[Note: Just a reminder that, as usual, this blog is several months behind “real time.” We were in Seward, Alaska, in late July of this year. The skies might not be as blue up there as you read this!]

Our dramatic cruise down Resurrection Bay and up into the Northwestern Fjord sure set the bar even higher for our Alaska adventure, but — as usual — it’s all a matter of where you look.

Not much disappoints us, but the SeaLife Center, loudly touted as a “must see” was a “pop” for our buck, rather than a “bang.” Getting close to some of the animals we’d seen from the wildlife cruise was neat…


…giving us a chance for some close-ups:


The relatively few aquariums did give us a glimpse into the underwater world of the sea around the Kenai, including some beautiful finned and crawling creatures:





But we were mindful that the focus of the center seems to be on rehabilitating animals that have been rescued, including these seals, getting their daily physical therapy in the pool:


Perhaps if we hadn’t taken the wildlife and glacier cruise the day before stopping in at the SeaLife Center, we might have appreciated the Center more. Advice? If you want to do both, stop at the SeaLife Center first. And if you aren’t doing a day cruise on Resurrection Bay, then definitely stop at the SeaLife Center.

As happens so often to us, we discovered as much to see on the walk to the Center as we did there.

Where else would have have seen this uniquely decorated tree?


And we would have missed the beautiful murals, painted on the sides of downtown buildings, like this one…


…or this one, honoring those who make their living on the water:


Downtown Seward is a thriving few blocks with great coffeeshops and an excellent bookstore. It’s a walkable few blocks from the harbor — so even if you’re planning to take a large-ship cruise, take the time to wander into “old” downtown, where you’ll find an entirely different, non-tourist atmosphere than pervades the harbor.


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