Spit-ting Images

The Homer Spit is a popular spot for a lot of reasons — shopping, launching spot for charter fishing, ferry terminal, boat harbors, restaurants — and we found it full of all those things…




We wandered through many of the shops, appreciating the sense of humor that spawned a local retailer to draw this on the inside of a window:


And after reading a few of Sue Henry’s “The End of the Road” mystery (featuring her series heroine Maxie McNabb), I appreciated seeing the real “Better Sweater” shop she mentions in her description of the Spit:


We stopped at the Seafarer’s Memorial to pay quiet respect. The etching on the arch over the bell reads: “This Bell Tolls For All the Souls Set Free Upon the Sea.” Sometimes we forget, when we bite into a succulent fish filet or snap open a crab leg, that people lose their lives bringing us food from the sea. Memorials such as this one remind us of their sacrifice.


Of course we couldn’t resist strolling the small boat harbor, where a variety of vessels waited for someone to come along and take them out to sea:


Just after snapping this photo, Bob gently took me by the arm, “Be careful where you step,” he said, pointing down. How could I have missed this? Too intent on taking a photo across the harbor, I was completely blind to the amazing sight right at my feet:



We didn’t go any closer, and this seal seemed only a little annoyed we’d interrupted its nap:


We apologized for waking it up and moved on. So much more to explore on this narrow but lengthy Spit…

…like this cluster of castaway boats. A boat junkyard?




But this one looked lived in….


…so we weren’t sure what to think about this ramshackle but intriguing neighborhood of boats.

A couple of parking areas toward the northern end of the Spit gave us a chance to get out and walk to the edge of the Spit on the Kachemak Bay side.


With so many stunning views across the Bay toward the Kenai Mountains, it’s easy to forget to look down, look close. Plenty of beauty at our feet:


As July ended and August began, we wandered these beautiful spots, thankful for blue skies and sunshine!


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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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