Wasilla Was…

…a Midwestern town dropped into Alaska. Some say Anchorage is just another city, but we didn’t think sw. Ship Creek and the Tony Knowles trail especially nudged Anchorage into a category of “unique.” But Wasilla? We hunted, but couldn’t find anything about this sprawling urban spot to set it apart. It was almost like visiting many of the places we haunted when we lived in Ohio. Not a bad thing, mind you, just an Outsider’s perspective.

…a great place to catch our breath and restock at the local box stores.


…where we discovered the Trout House (aka The Wind Break… seriously). We went back more than once for their excellent Fire Roasted Veggie Soup, the best halibut we’d had since Hyder, and fat french fries we dunked in malt vinegar and ketchup.

…our base camp for a day trip up to Talkeetna. What’s in Talkeetna? More on that in the next post!


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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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4 Responses to Wasilla Was…

  1. Elaine says:

    Where did you eat in Hyder? At the little seafood bus?

    • Ellen says:

      Hi, Elaine! Yes — the “Seafood Express” is its official name, I think. Here’s the post: https://bobandellen.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/stewart-hyder/

      Have you eaten there?

      • Elaine says:

        We saw the bus and stopped but ate both lunch and dinner at the King Edward in Stewart. We also stayed at the hotel. It was so quaint. The food was excellent. My sister and I spent the month of July this past summer in Alaska. We are both in our seventies and we had a ball. Flew to Seattle from our home on the coast of North Carolina and got our rental car. Going through BC and the Yukon was awesome. We are flying in to Anchorage next summer and getting a rental car there and then see the parts of Alaska we didn’t get to see this past summer. Love your blog!

      • Ellen says:

        We’d heard the food at the King Edward was good, too but couldn’t resist sticking with what was the best seafood we’d ever had. So much of Alaska to see — it’s great your going back! Good for you for renting a car and driving. I’ll be posting before long on why we’re glad we did the trip the way we did, rather than another option. Safe travels! And thanks so much for your compliment on the blog!

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