Third Bob and Ellen Best EATS Awards!


Once again, Bob and Ellen present The Best Eats we’ve come across in the last year or so on our travels. In many cases, the top-seeded dishes and restaurants have stayed the same, but new contenders have taken a spot on the list.

If a category doesn’t appear, see our earlier lists for those “bests” because they haven’t changed. Sometimes places are dropped because we haven’t been there in awhile; other times we’ve been back only to find the restaurant has gone out of business (otherwise Esther’s in Yuma would still be on the list for one of the best carrot cakes, for example).

This year more seafood and Canadian locations appear — evidence of our travels north of the 49th parallel.

Have your own list of bests? Disagree with any of our choices? Chime in! We’d love to hear your recommendations!

Best Halibut and Chips:
1. Seafood Express (aka “the Bus”) — Hyder, AK
2. Old Town Burgers — Valdez, AK
3. Trout House/Windbreak — Wasilla, AK


Best Fish Tacos:
1.Tacos Mi Rancho, Yuma, AZ
2. Bear Tooth, Anchorage, AK

Best Dish with Salmon:
1. Spinach Salad with at least one Skewer of BBQed Salmon in Klondike Rib and Salmon BBQ in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
2. Wild Caught Salmon Dinner at Noisy Goose, Palmer, AK


Best Clam Chowder:
1. Mo and Joe’s Hilltop Restaurant in Lynden, WA

Best Seafood Stew:
1. Reindeer Stew at Klondike Rib and Salmon BBQ in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
2. Salmon Stew at Rose’s Cafe in Healy, AK

Best Breakfast with Seafood:
1. King Crab Scramble at Fresh Sourdough Express in Homer, AK
2. Hang Town Fry at The Tides in Hoodsport, WA

Best Lunch Deal in Canada:
1. Bowl of Chili with Roll at Otter Falls Cutoff cafe in Otter Falls, Yukon Territory

Best Soup:
1. Bean Soup at Trackside Cantina in Smithers, BC
2. Fire Roasted Veggie at Trout House/Windbreak in Wasilla, AK
3. Tortilla Soup at Trackside Cantina in Smithers, BC
4. Tomato Basil at Maura’s Cafe in Homer, AK
5. Borscht at Granville’s Coffee Shop in Quesnel, BC


Best Salad:
1. Warm Spinach Salad at Maura’s Cafe in Homer, AK

Best Reuben:
1. Blue Moose Cafe — Port Townsend, WA
2. Granville’s Coffee — Quesnel, BC

Best Buffalo Burger:
1. McMenamin’s in Wilsonville, OR

Best Mac and Cheese:
1. Smoked Scallop Mac and Cheese at Chinook’s in Seward, AK

Best Chicken Dinner:
1. Millstone Restaurant — Rapid City, SD

Best Pizza East of the Mississippi:*
1. Flatbread — Portland, ME
2. Geddy’s — Bar Harbor, ME

Best Pizza West of the Mississippi:*
1. Ronnie’s — Yuma, AZ
2. Moose’s Saloon — Kalispell, MT

[*Yes! These have stayed the same…. other contenders have come close, but these are rock solid for the THIRD year]

New Honorable Mention Pizza joints:
La Fiamma in Bellingham, WA
Moose Tooth in Anchorage, AK

Best Chinese Restaurant:
1. Lucky Restaurant (“The Place You Enjoy”) — Casa Grande, AZ

Best Ravioli:
1. Poppycock’s — Traverse City, MI
2. Mambo Italiano — Bellingham, WA

Best Hummus:
1. Sultan’s Restaurant in East Lansing, MI
2. Turkey Red in Palmer, AK

Best Pancakes:
1. (Tie) Griddle Cakes made from blue corn flour at Lotus Cafe — Jackson, WY
1. (Tie) Ricotta-Stuffed Blueberry Pancakes at Mo’s Egg House — Temecula, CA

Best price for a healthy buffet lunch:
1. Hy-Vee Grocery — Sioux Falls, SD
2. New Seasons Market — Hillsboro, OR

Best price for a buffet where you’ll be tempted by what’s NOT healthy:
1. Golden Corral — Yuma, AZ
2. Valentine’s — Sioux Falls, SD

Best Chocolate Dessert:
1. Brownie sundae at La Fiamma in Bellingham, WA
2. (Tie) Hot Fudge Oreo Cake at Stage Stop in Stockbridge, MI
2. (Tie) Melissa’s Lava Cake Sundae at Penfold’s Cafe in Temecula, CA

Best Dessert in General:
Bazooka at Barro’s Pizza in Casa Grande, AZ (a warm, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream and hot fudge….!!!!!)

Best Key Lime Pie:
1. Dolphin Den — Avon, NC
2. (Tie) Bear Tooth — Anchorage, AK
2. (Tie) Mambo Italiano — Bellingham, WA

Best Cheesecake:
1. Key Lime Pie Cheesecake at Mamacita’s in LaGrande, OR (we’re not cheesecake eaters, so this really says something)


Best Blueberry Pie:
1. Wild Blueberry Pie at the Salmon Bake — Denali Village, AK
2. (tie) Quietside Cafe — Southwest Harbor, ME
2. (tie) Miz Zip’s — Flagstaff, AZ

Best Non-Blueberry Fruit Pie:
1. Bumbleberry Pie — Wolf It Down Cafe (west of Watson Lake, BC)
3. Marionberry Pie — Mo and Joe’s Hilltop Restaurant in Lynden, WA
4. Marionberry Crumble — Brownies in Brawley, CA

Best Carrot Cake:
1. Oscar’s — Springdale, UT
2. Black Walnut Carrot Cake at Ledge Rock Grille at the Larsmont Resort along Minnesota’s North Shore

Best verticle drive into a restaurant parking lot: El Carazon Mexican Restaurant in Mt. Vernon, KY

Best place to risk getting elk hair in your veggies: the general store in Richland, OR


Prettiest Bathroom Sinks: Restaurants in British Columbia, especially along the Cariboo and Yellowhead Highways, seem to be especially proud of making their “washrooms” particularly attractive. It makes all the difference for weary travelers — Thank you!

Is your business listed here? If you’d like to include the Bob and Ellen’s Best EATS award ribbon logo on your Website, Facebook page or other online promotional materials, please contact Ellen [ellenbehr (at) aol (dot) com] to have the image sent to you!

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2 Responses to Third Bob and Ellen Best EATS Awards!

  1. liz says:

    Good info! I always check for ‘best cappuccino’ – have you got 2014 done yet?

    • Ellen says:

      Hi, Liz! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the 2014 Best Eats have been posted here:

      Sorry, no category for “best cappuccino.” Bob makes the best coffee, and when we get coffee out somewhere we opt for the “regular” coffee, saving the extra pennies (nickels, dimes and dollars) it costs for the special coffees to spend on something else instead. For those who like a good cappuccino, where do you recommend?

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