We’ve Got the Ocean on our Side!

It’s hard not to, in Oceanside, Oregon. This tiny burg along the Oregon coast is a stunning spot to relax for a few days, which is exactly what we needed in September (more on why in a future post). We settled into the Oceanside Inn where the view couldn’t be beat, from afternoon…


…through sunset!


I did say “tiny” didn’t I? If the main street in town doesn’t dead end down there, it makes a sharp turn uphill… someplace we weren’t game to follow, though our GPS seemed to think there was more to be found around the corner.


No matter. We’d have enough driving for awhile, so we left the truck parked most of the time, walking this short street to the two best places in town: the beach…


…and Roseanna’s Cafe…


…where the smoked salmon quesadillas were worth going back for and the blue marlin was just as fabulous:


And yes… that is a bite I’ve already taken from the marlin! Sometimes the food is so yummy-looking I bite before I snap!

Did I mention how small this town is? I counted three restaurants (one with a hippie-type staff, one that was closed all the time, and Roseanna’s), one post office, a teeny community center (smaller than most high school gyms), a real estate office, two inns and a place where you could rent cabins. No shops, no stores.

No shopping meant more time to meander the beach, where you can walk through this very cool tunnel to get to the other side of the mountain to the beach over there. We heard a wealthy local family had this built. Wealthy and generous… everyone uses the tunnel.

It’s hard to see this tunnel opening from down the beach…


…but as you come closer, it’s easier to spot:


It was a great place to relax. Sitting on the deck in the breezy sunshine with a great book — ah!


It made me think of what a great spot this would be for a writers’ retreat. Great scenery and food, no shopping distractions… and wifi?? Well, Bob got an erratic signal near the inn’s laundry room and this guy seemed to have found the best signal… where else? On the beach:



And around the bend, down the road, we watched the pelicans, cormorants, and sea lions lounging on a sand bar.


Ah! The ocean coast. This must be where they invented the phrase, “Life is good.”

[Yes! We’re back after a bit of a blog break….! Will now try to catch you up through this past fall. Watch for news of the new novel coming soon!]

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to We’ve Got the Ocean on our Side!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! We did the Oregon coast two years ago and I was blown away by the scenery. We’re on the Columbia River east of Hood River now, but this post is making me want to head west! LoL 🙂

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